Functional and aesthetic fittings

We consider our clients’ specific wishes from the planning phase on. Therefore, all RF shielded openings and pipe feedthroughs, e.g. for fiber optic cables or medical gasses, are taken into account. You also have the choice when it comes to the floor plan of the Intercabin®: bays, inner or outer corners, pillar enclosures, partial cabin flattenings and steps, slanted walls – nearly anything is possible with the prefabricated modules.

Furthermore, we offer functional and aesthetic fittings that let you perform your examinations efficiently and create a relaxed atmosphere in the cabin.


LED lighting systems

By default, the basic fittings of the Intercabin® contain our omniLUX LED lighting concept. You can expand the light situation with our LED ambient lighting system omniRGB, which lets you realize all colors.

For successful and efficient examinations, it is important to keep the patient calm. Not only the omniRGB solution, but also our omniPIX and omniSKIES solutions help you with this goal.

Contact us and we will gladly provide you with details.


Medical equipment

To ensure safe and unobstructed imaging in the MRI room and the surroundings, it is important to exclusively use antimagnetic equipment. We offer the following antimagnetic MRI equipment:

- stretchers

- MRI wheelchairs

- MRI instruments

- MRI syringe pumps

- MRI medical cabinets

- MRI visual aids

- MRI tools

- MRI markings

and many more.

Customizable storage solutions

Additionally, we have developed moduCAB, a high-grade modular cabinet system that lets you store coils, phantoms and consumable materials safely. We will gladly inform you further of our numerous design variants and custom solutions.

Entertainment and visual systems

The key to efficient scans is direct and clear communication in order to instruct and calm down the patient. For this we offer the following:

- MRI screens
- MRI projector solutions
- MRI headphones
- MRI audio systems

The omniSKIES sky simulation concept by Interflex speaks to the human need to feel the openness of the sky. A grid of 12 ceiling panels forms a continuous illuminated sky image and conveys a feeling of looking at the sky while lying on the patient table.

To make the patient’s time in the RF cabin as comfortable as possible, we offer the following further solutions:

- dimmable LED lighting systems
- television
- projector solutions
- headphones for patients
- printed images
- illuminated images

Any questions? Contact us and we will be happy to advise you.